"Have You ever seen The Rain?" coming down on a sunny
day?....acrylic on stretch canvas
Frankie Glasscock
Check... Acrylic on canvaswboard
by Martha Bantin
Dreaming... acrylic on  tiny canvasboard
by Frankie Glasscock
ships... oil on canvas by F Glasscock
Frog... oil on canvasboard with palet knife work by
F. Glasscock
Horses.. oil on canvas by F Glasscock
Rose... oil on canvas by F. Glasscock
Joseph and the Christ Child... Oil on canvas
by F.Glasscock
Safe Harbor... acrylic and oil on canvas
by F.Glasscock
Sunflowers.. acrylic on canvas by F. Glasscock
Scarecrow... oil on canvasboard by F.Glasscock
"Looks Like Rain"  acrylic on canvas by
Frankie Glasscock
Glasscock's Cocker Spaniels, Poodles,  and Cockapoos
Our Art Work
Dreaming2... acrylic on stretch canvas  done for my son Steve...it's
very hard to make a copy and make it exactly the same by Frankie
"Looks Like ATornado"...acrylic on stretch canvas
by F Glasscock 2015..copied from "Scarecrow" for
her daughter -in- law Lynn
"Looks Like We're Protected.....acrylic on stretch canvas
by Frankie Glasscock...done for a wedding present to her
Grandson, John. who is in the Army
Tiffany Valentine....Acrylic on Canvas
by Frankie Glasscock  2015