His name is Petey Sweety and he is a real "sweety" He is so lovable and cuddly. He has
beautiful, slightly wavy,and the softest white hair that makes you just want to hold him
and cuddle. He is a quiet little boy, very small for a male. He minds his own business. He
tries to not get in anyone's way or make anyone angry. He always asks permission before
he gets in the bed by putting his little paws up and giving a tiny little cry. When I lift him
up he licks my face and settles down beside me to cuddle. When he goes outside he likes to
chase squirrels and drink out of the bird bath. He is very friendly with the poodles,
especially Peaches, a Tiny Toy. On nice days in  mornings they romp and play in the yard
and he is ever so gentle with them. They just love him..... and WE love him...A LOT!!!
Petey 2013
Afternoon Nap.........Getting Really Comfortable.."See!!  "I Still Can fit"
lineoleum is  
pretty hard. I
think I'll go
take a nap in
the Poodle
Petey is completely "in love" with Peaches, a Tiny Toy Poodle that as an
adult weighs about six pounds. Where she goes; he goes. This is ALL THE
TIME, not just when she is in season. She is older than he is. Peaches was
a grown dog when he was a puppy. She gave him a lot of attention, such as
licking his face and playing with him. Peaches was full grown, but he was
a tiny puppy and then about her size. They were "best friends". Peaches
still can't get in our bed by herself and comes to me for "a lift" Right after
her comes Petey (who very well can jump in the bed by himself)  and wants
"a lift", too.. Then they cuddle up together. It's is the most remarkable
thing. This is a picture of them both trying to fit into one of the Poodle
beds. He doesn't realize that he is now  a LOT bigger than she is.   
    2015     Sadly Little Peaches passed away. I do not know why. I just
found her little body under the bed one morning. Petey's best friend is now
a little black poodle called Pepper. He for some reason he likes the poodles.
A few months ago my adult children decided I had too many dogs to take care of and more or less forced me to send my non
producing dogs to a no kill shelter. Petey was one of them.. This broke my heart because Petey and I were very close. I have
been worried about him and the others ever since, but today I got word that he got adopted along with Pepper, ( a non
producing black poodle) who was his close friend, by a loving couple. I can  now stop crying and worrying about him now,
because in the pictures they both look very happy.Petey was one of my puppies. When he was born I delivered him. He slept
with me and kept me warm on many cold nights when we had no heat in the house. I had wanted my elderly dogs to live out
their lives here where they were known and loved and many did. It broke my heart when I had to let them go. Hardly a night
goes by that I dont pray for their happiness and cry a little bit. But now I can stop worring about Petey and Pepper. If I could
just get some news about the other three female cockers. Gracie was going blind and I especially pray and cry for her.
They were adopted
together by a
loving family and
they look very