Pepper's Page
Her name is  Black Pepper Baby. We call her Pepper for short. She is pretty
"peppy" for such a tiny little girl. It's just play play play all day long. The only
time she isn't playing is when she is sleeping, and she is probbly playing in her
dreams.Sometimes she makes little barking sounds when she is sleeping.
She is
very smart and very curious.When she wants something she just cries until
someone helps her. She has finally able to get into the bed by her self with the
help of a wooden box I put by the side of the bed.
  We call Pepper our "little
tattletale".  When anyone, both canine, human, or anything else  is doing
something "unusal", she comes to one of us, puts her little paws up and
scratches vigerously. I didn't know why she did this until several times I ignored
her, later found out why, and wish I had taken heed. One of the times it was
because some of the dogs were getting out; another time was when the water
heater flooded the room in the back . Sometimes it's just when supper is late or
it's past bedtime. I have learned that I shouldn't ignore her and I always go to  
see what the problem is. She is a great help for such a tiny, but ever so smart'
And, by the way did I say she a beautiful little solid black poodle.