Gracie Alice is her name. She is the daughter of Emily Rose and is a little
duplicate of her grandmother, Dottie,  a size smaller, but just as much a little
"diva". Gracie is full grown and weighs only fifteen pounds. She is a precious
little girl with a cute , short , turned up nose and a beautiful, full coat.  Gracie
is "Daddy's Little Girl". He spoils her terribly, but then what are they for? She
was the last puppy born in Emily's litter and the only red and white parti. It
was love at first sight for Daddy, and he named her "Gracie". Gracie is very
lovable. She  loves to cuddle and give kisses.  She is truly adorable and we  
couldnt love her more.
Gracie Alice
Gracie's Page
Since  her mother, Emily Rose "crossed the bridge",Gracie is now  our "senior cocker"
and she wears the title of "Head Canine" of  Glasscocks Cockers with pride. The other
Cockers, as well as the poodles, respect her position. When it's bedtime,  if anyone just
"happens" to be in her place on the pillows between Mommie and Daddy, they
immediately clear out when she jumps on the bed. She also gets first choice at treats.   
Gracie has given us many adorable puppies and she has earned this position well.
Gracie is retired from having puppies and is now just enjoying her old age.. She still has
her figure and really looks good for her age. We just love- love- love her and hope she
will be with us for many more years to come
March 2014
Gracie took Carroll's passing away very hard. She was one of his favorites and she knew it. She could
not understand his absence. Every time a car door slammed she ran to the window to look out. It was a
very sad sight. She must have  finally realized he was never coming home, so instead of sleeping in her
place she started sleeping on Carroll's pillow. Gracie is getting old and losing the sight in one of her
eyes. It makes me very sad to see her get old. She still takes her position as "head bitch" , (second, after
me) seriously and the others respect her.
Gracie got old and developed breast cancer. The cost of the treatment was way
more than we could afford. Since she didnt seem to be in any pain I had decided
to just let her live out her life here where she was born and where she was known
and very much loved, but my children insisted that I had too many dogs and I
could not keep any unproductive dogs, so she was sent to a no kill shelter ,
actually a Cocker Rescue , in Florida for Older Dogs. She went along with Annie,
Alison, and Petey. They are kind people and said they would keep them together
as a family so they would have each other for comfort and not grieve so much. I
know they are probably getting better care than I could give them had they stayed
here but I miss them very much and not a day goes by that I dont cry for them a
little bit. I am getting old too I am now 80 years old. I now have only four dogs
three female poodles and one male cocker. I no longer raise Cocker Spaniel
puppies, just Cockapoos. I love the precious little Cockapoos but I really miss my
August 2015
I went to the place where my elderly cocker spaniels were sent. Its a no kill
shelter called Paws Lee County in Ft Meyers . Florida. She is the only one
they have listed. They said they were going to try to keep them together as a
family so they wouldnt grieve too much, but I went to where they have
pictures of dogs up for adoption. I am pretty sure this is Gracie and she
looks just terrified. It makes me sooo sad. I wish I had kept all of them. I
pray that some kind hearted person will adopt her and let her live out a life
where she will be loved and petted. If any one reads this please pray for her.
I got rid of my elderly dogs because my children said they didn't visit me
because I had too many dogs, but since I got rid of the dogs which has been
over two months now none of them has come to visit. I
t was just an excuse. I
listened to them and now I have gotten rid of the only living things that loved
me. It hurts and saddens my heart.
This is the picture of Gracie that Paws Lee County in
Ft Meyers, Fla, have of her up for adoption. Its
listed as "Annie" To me she looks completely
terrified. She is going blind. I know she is treated
kindly, but I miss her terribly especially at bedtime
when I used to say" Gracie  come get in your place"
and even though she could not see very well she
would make her way up to  my late husband's pillow
to spend the night with me. I know I probably miss
her more than she mises me. I cry a little bit about
missing her every night.I so regret letting my elderly
Cockers go. I am old, too, and I can relate to them. I
discarded them just because they were old and non
productive. Was it the right thing to do???To send
them to a new place, with new people, new smells.
new food???Will my children do the same to me?
Dogs have emotions you know. I wonder if they miss
me or think about me and wonder why I didnt keep
them. They loved me  and I loved them. It broke my
heart. I wish by some miracle that someone would
bring Gracie, at least,  back to me.