Annie Vanilla
We called her "Annie Vanilla" because at the time she was born we had a lot
of chocolate girls with "chocolate" names. The litter she was in was such a
llight buff  that we said we finally had a little "vanilla" girl. We used to put
vanilla scented perfume on her and she smelled like fresh baked cookies.
Annie stayed really small. She weighs just 15 pounds full grown. She is still
very "vanilla".   Annie is a tiny little girl with "big love" She is very
affectionate.  We love her as much as we love sugar cookies. Mmmm.
Annie's Page
Annie with her
Cocapoo puppies
October 2008
As we all do, Annie got old. AShe developed
breast cancer and the treatment was far
more than I could afford. She didnt seem to
be in any pain so I wanted to just let her pass
away normally here at home where she had
lived all her life.... where she was known and
loved, but my children did not think I should
keep any unproductive dogs, so she was
taken to a cocker rescue in Florida where  
she will live out the rest of her life. They
took her along with Petey, Gracie, and
Alison and said they would keep them
together as a family so they would have each
other for comfort and not grieve so much.  ...
but I did the grieving for them . I cried off
and on for nearly a monthe after they took
them and I still pray for their happiness. I
know they are probably getting better care
there than I could have given them so I guess
I did the right thing.