Allison's Page
Allison, or Allie, is the youngest of the  light colored buff  girls. She is Annie's little gift to us and
she is a little duplicate of her Mom. She is full grown now and I believe she is slightly smaller than
her mother. Allie is a bit more outgoing than Annie. She loves to play and her best friend is a tiny
Poodle named Peaches.. Even though they are both full grown they are still playing fools. They seem
to never tire of it. I love to hear the little growling sounds they make when they play and roll on the
floor. When they do quit they fall down in a dead sleep both snuggled up together. She is very
affectionate and she loves ears. She likes to keep every one's ears clean. She is the pack's official ear
licker.  Allison still can not get into our bed without help. She comes by my side of the bed and
makes her little sounds for me to help her up. We love her dearly. She is truly a little cuddley
affectionate angel pup.
Allison Angel Grace Glasscock
Allie's baby picture
" It's my piece of bread and
nobody's gonna get it"
" Leave me alone. Can't you
see I am trying to take a nap?"
Allison and Aimee
Three buff girls..........................Aimee, Annie, Allison.
Aimee grew three times larger than the other two. Annie is
Allison's Mom.....Both are small adult dogs
Allison never did have any puppies. That did
not make us love her any less. She got old
and because she was un productive my
children insisted that I send her away along
with the other older cockers to an "Old
Cocker Rest Home" in Florida. there she will
live out the rest of her life with Annie, Petey,
and Gracie. They said they would keep them
together as a family so they could comfort
each other. I miss them very much and think
about them every day.